liquid video lcd screen

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Has anyone repaired a liquid video a150x1 lcd monitor?

Re: liquid video lcd screen

They do not give any service support for spare parts, or service
information. You must send the monitor back to them for service, if you
feel that it is worth to repair.

If the monitor is out of warranty, you may be best off to get a new
one, after considering the cost of the service, and the shipping.

If you are familiar with LCD monitor servicing, the only thing you can
do on your own, is to open the monitor, and see if there is something
obvious that you can service yourself.

Generic type parts, such as common semiconductors, resistors, and
capictors can be bought from most electronic suppliers. For some of
these monitors, there are generic type backplane lamps, and ballast

Where you will get stuck, is if you have an in depth problem that
required complex troubleshooting, or if you require a part that is
proprietery for their design.

Jerry G.

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