Jaycar are DESPERATE!

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Full page ad in todays Telegraph - "Sydney's Jaycar Electronics is
DESPERATE! We need the cash and we need the space"!

Carpark sale in Sydney at their old wharehouse, ends this Sunday:
http://www.jaycar.com.au/desperationsale /

All your favourite farting toys up to 80% off.


Re: Jaycar are DESPERATE!

"David L. Jerkoff"
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** Wot no fancy de-soldering stations for 80% off  ???

There is however a " Farting Electronic Keychain"  for  $3.95.

So now you can get a cheap fart from an old fart called GJ.


DLJ needs to get a spell checker.

A  " wharehouse  "  =   a Maori hut.

.....  Phil

Re: Jaycar are DESPERATE!
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Sunday:http://www.jaycar.com.au/desperationsale /
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i went there yesterday  was ripped of  totally  a torch that  was down
to $11.95  they charged at$ 25.95  charged for 3 color cubes  instead
of 2  over charged $30  was charged  $495 for $414
as products weren't discounted at register  be ware   this sale is
not  good if you get burned like this  no ph number to call to
question  details   my ph no is  02-65591234  if you want more
details   regards kevin

Re: Jaycar are DESPERATE!
went  to this sale yesterday   was over chargerd buy $45  plus as
prices went discounted @ register  this is illegal and fair trading
needs contacting   watch it this  sale is a scam need the money yeah
rip folk of  @ the register when they buy  bulk   my no is

David L. Jones wrote:
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