Jaycar ultrasonic transducer.

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Greetings group.
Does anyone have a schematic that uses the AU-5550 Ultrasonic
in the Jaycar catalog.

It is a combination  transmitter/receiver with only 2 terminals.
Full power requires upto 140v.

The range I need is around 3 meters.

Russell Griffiths.

Re: Jaycar ultrasonic transducer.

snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com wrote:
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Hi Russell,
I don't have a schematic but have experimented with it a bit.
I found it is a lot less sensitive as a receiver than the open
receivers I have used.  The other problem I had was with ringing after
the transmit pulse, this meant that I wouldn't have been able to detect
the echo for quite some time after the transmit ping, limiting the
minimum distance I could detect to greater than about 30cm.

Re: Jaycar ultrasonic transducer.

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Hi Dean.
The range I need is 1/2m to 3m. I am beginning to think that I will use
one of these
transducers to transmit and another to receive.

My power supply is 12vdc. My idea is to use 4 transistors in a H-Pack
arrangement as used in the siren driver (S.C. 10/90), to increase the
power to the transmitter.
I hope it will work at 40kHz.

The receiver may use a circuit based on the proximity detector in S.C.

I need to use a weatherproof type because I am planning to measure the
height of water.


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