Jayar solid state fluro starters.

"Jarod (the puppy)"
** Likely a series connected pair.
** You need special starters for a series pair.
.......... Phil
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Phil Allison
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I have a two tube fluro light. Each tube is 18 watts.
The tubes are old and are the small length and smaller diamater ones.
I bought a couple of these solid state starters from Jaycar, but I
need to toggle the switch a couple of times to get them started.
The tubes are about 10 years old (at least) and the fitting is older
than that.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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Jarod (the puppy)
you just need 120V starters, nothing special about them just 120 instead of 240v.
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Matt2 - Amstereo
Gotta take a good opportunity like that :)
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mark jb
"mark jb"
** Anencephalic pig.
........ Phil
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Phil Allison
** That makes them special !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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