Solid State relays

I am using Solid state relays to On/Off heaters so as to control
In case if heaters get short,immediately the Solid state relays ( SSR )
also gets short and
I need to change new one.Even though I have Fuse protection the SSR and
Fuse gets blown.
Since the Cost of SSR is high,I have so many troubles.
So any one Please suggest some ideas to prevent SSR failure.Is there
any protection like
Varistors , RC circuit to prevent this
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What is causing that? Deal with that first. . .
If you aren't shorting out the load (see above), and are simply running the devices near their limit, such that they get too hot:
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. An obvious source of problems: Are the SSRs too small or is the fuse too big? Have you tried a smaller fuse with a time-delay characteristic? Have you measured the surge current of the heaters when they are cold? . .
Won't help if the load is just resistive (heaters).
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