Idiot reasons for returning electronics

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** Hi to all,

Inspired by the post from "Griff"  -   who can come up with the silliest
reason for returning electronics goods or components they know ?

Some that I recall from my days working in parts shops are:

1. A gentleman who returned a new 100VA Ferguson mains transformer ( from a
Playmaster 140 stereo amp kit) saying it must be faulty as the primary
resistance was only 19 ohms. By his reasoning, it would therefore pull 12
amps and blow the AC fuse.

2.  Guitar players who tried to return valves like 6L6GCs or 6CA7s saying
there was a faint blue glow on the glass and they must be gassy.

3.  TV techs trying to return TV horizontal output transistors since their
( small signal) transistor tester read zero on beta test.

4. A young lady who returned a 5 inch reel of 1/4 inch tape saying it would
only record on one side ......

Any others?

......  Phil

Re: Idiot reasons for returning electronics
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The "abusive man" who had "accidentally severed" the phone line cord. He
made pains to explain (once he stopped the abuse - I was so close to
walking out the shop door) that he had neatly rejoined the cord and it
still did not work. I replaced the cord & everything worked fine.

Curiosity got the better of me and I undid the extremely neatly taped up
join, which immediately revealed the problem. He had randomly joined the
wires, ignoring the 4 colours. When I asked why, he said "I didn't think
it mattered", I was stunned.

Just what DO you say to these dills?

Kevin Martin

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Re: Idiot reasons for returning electronics

"Kevin Martin"
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** Bet ya he was colour-blind  -  as well as a total dickhead.

........   Phil

Re: Idiot reasons for returning electronics
what about a video player in a microwave
to dry it out, after a drink spilled in it.

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