I need some new speakers

Dear aus.electronics / aus.hi-fi,

How're things?

A long time ago I bought some floor-standing speakers made from Pioneer drivers - 2 x 12" woofers, 4" mid, 3" cone tweeter and 1" tweeter.

They served me well for many (nearly 20) years, but, the drivers are now falling apart.

I'd like to replace them, but, am not sure where to start looking.

My amp is a Technics 40 watts per channel unit from the same era as the speakers.

Can anyone offer suggestions for some suitable new floor standing speakers?

They don't have to be so overtly BIG as the ones they are replacing.

Regards, Stuart Palmer.

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Stuart Palmer
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**There's lots of excellent speakers available today. Most are quite different (in a good way) to your old ones. By far the best way to decide which speaker is right your you, is for you to go listening to as many different types in your price range (which you don't mention, BTW). Here's what you need to do:
  • Set an approximate price you are prepared/allowed to spend.
  • Be prepared to go slightly above that price, if necessary. That pesky Murphy will ensure that the speaker you want is 10% more expensive.
  • Try to listen to the speakers in a room which is approximately the same size as the one you will use.
  • Take you own music. By all means listen using the shop demo music, but be aware that the speakers will eventually only be playing your music.
  • Listen to the speakers on an amplifier of similar power rating.
  • Listen for at least 30 minutes for each speaker.
  • Even better, is if you can borrow the speakers and listen in your own home.
  • Do listen to second hand speakers. There are some bargains to be had for astute buyers. Speaker problems are usually pretty obvious.
  • Be aware that any trade-in on your old stuff, is a token only. They'll likely end up as firewood or sold off for less than 0.00. Unless your speakers are really special, their almost worthless to a dealer.
  • If you're buying privately, then take your time. In fact, if you're buying at retail, take your time. There is very rarely any need to buy "today".
Trevor Wilson
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Trevor Wilson

If you still like the sound of these speakers then recone them , or have someone do it for you for a considerable cost saving , check your yellow pages in your area ( which is?)

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Melbourne, judging by the email address at Deakin.

Total Recoil in Northcote are reliable. My Altec Lansings fell apart and they reconed the woofers, replaced the mids and piezo tweeters with modern drivers, and the result is fantastic. Cost a bit more than just the recones, but that upset the wife more than myself :-).

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Clifford Heath

Grab some Hifi mags at your local newsagent.


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: > Can anyone offer suggestions for some suitable new floor standing : > speakers? : : Grab some Hifi mags at your local newsagent. : : geoff : Wash your mouth out with soap and water! :-)

Total waste of time and money, unless he wants use them to light a fire somewhere. IMHO reading advertorials or paid for comment articles will not help him in way.

I would suggest he gets out and about to some local hi-fi shops, see what's around, do some demos and then see what his mates have and have a listen to them as well. Then I would suggest he buys a local product *after* he has had a demo.

Very hard to give someone advice when they don't give a budget.

Cheers TT

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Cheers Trevor (and others)

Thanks for the advice.

I had concluded I would have to do something similar to what you have suggested.

Unfortunately, my speaker budget is not the same as it was before I gained a family :(


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Stuart Palmer

Or try

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Stuart. There is some good stuff there but you need to do your homework before buying. And do not buy the Super no name brands. They are crap and made in China.


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until you wrote said that I thought you wanted to replace the drivers. which should get you another 20 years, barring catastrophic failure to some other part of the system.

is the size a problem?

Bye. Jasen

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Hi Jasen,

I did look into replacing the drivers.

Apart from the fact it was not possible to source exact replacements for some of the drivers, comparable/equivalent drivers for those that were dead was going to cost many hundreds of dollars.

In the end, I figured any extra cost for a new system would be worth it for a properly designed system with a warranty.

Thanks, Stuart.

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Stuart Palmer

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