need some eproms.

I am looking for some e square proms. The eight legged packages are marked as .... 93C56 If anyone has some... I would like four of them. They are same to look at as a 555 ic timer package.

cheers Mike

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You can often find these on old ISA PnP NICs. I'm sure I saw one in the till yesterday. It was on a 3Com

10Mb NIC.
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Lord Garth

Looks like Rockby have them (or similar - 93CS56LN) for ~ $2 each:

formatting link

David Wilson  School of IT & CS, Uni of Wollongong, Australia
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David Wilson

RS stock them, about $10 each.


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Ken Taylor


** Farnell in One have the Fairchild FM93C56AN in their cat for $4.70 +

# 355 - 0199

How is it in Redcliffe today ??

............. Phil

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Phil Allison

futurlec sell them in smd not dip for Aus 47c (their other site (non-aus) lists them as smd)

also directly from microchip(prices in USD)

both the above ship from Thailand


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Alex Gibson

wet wet and wet

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