How to run water injection ?

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Turbo Surf on on biofuel with 9Lb boost , next step is water injection
on boost , now of course I could just add water in a mist between the
turbo and intercooler  when the boost light comes on but any ideas about
a slightly better controller circuit ?

Re: How to run water injection ?

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First off you want to inject the water as near to the cylinder head as
possible.  Further up stream it will give the water time to vaporise and
turn into steam, expand and play havoc with air/fuel ratios.

The way to do it would be to take a line off the inlet manifold and measure
boost pressure,  so a simple arrangement would be a diaphragm arrangement
that opens a tap/orifice/port that meters the water.  You could use a window
washer bottle and electric motor to supply water flow to the valve
arrangement and them inject into the ports above the inlet valves.  The
water flow would be dependant on boost pressure and would be easy to
calibrate.  All you need is an air regulator on a compressors and then
measure each nozzles flow rate.

All this would be easily available from wreckers with a bit of drilling and
tapping.  The regulator valve I was thinking along the lines of how a
wastegate works. Just a thought, a vacuum heater tap off a Falcon works the
same way.  A bit big but you get the idea ;-)

Cheers TT

PS everything else I can think off is not water tolerant :-(  Solenoids,
injectors etc.  But I am sure if you search the web some more someone will
probably already markets one.

Re: How to run water injection ?
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Tried this basic idea with a simply preassure switch ( it works and
allows much better boost levels) but I am thinking two stages as in
boost light and full , the washer bottle has only 4 litres capacity and
an hour of use over several days will use that , injection between the
turbo and throttle body is suitable and easily achieved . I see smart
controllers advertised but for $10.00 worth of bits the asking is too high .

Re: How to run water injection ?
hi, i think in  jaycar they have a pretty good controler  .
i think its also in the book  " high performance projects for cars "  or
sumthin like that.,
mark k

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