how a-law/mu-law works??

Hi all,
I m working in a student project(Voip).
i want to know all the details of how a-law/mu-law compression
techniques works??(at the bit level).
it will be better if you provide an example which will make the idea
waiting for replies.........
Thanks in advance
Srikanta Agrawala
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srikant wrote:
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Ed -}
I thought a mu-law was my wifes mother. :)
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Googling "A-law mu-law algoritm" shows that Wikipedia may help you out:
formatting link

Cheers, Nicholas Sherlock
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Nicholas Sherlock
He should download the ITU-T Red Book Vol.3 Fascicle III.3 - Recommendation G.711.
Cheers, Alan
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Alan Rutlidge
There's an article (and published implementation for an AVR based VOIP phone) in the latest Circuit Cellar.
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Clifford Heath

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