homemade battery charger for media player

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I have a creative zen media player with 3 batteries. only trouble is
can only charge the batteries in the machine. would it be possible to
hook the plugpack up to the batteries somehow to charge them out of
unit? i can make a jig easy enough to hold the batteries, but am
of the power side.

The Batteries are Li-Polymer 3.7v 3600mAh with 4 contacts.

Do they need some sort of intelligent charger, or is just a matter of
hooking the plugpack to the appropriate contacts.

would be nice if i could always have 1 or 2 batteries charging and
just swap them out.

cheers Dee

Re: homemade battery charger for media player

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** Do a Google search using " lithium polymer charging "

Lots of hits.

All of then saying that only a special charger can be used.

But I bet nothing will stop you.

........  Phil

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