Using Raw Li-Ion Cells with a Protection Board

I need a small Li-Ion charger/protection board for a 3 cell (series) pack, i.e.

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If I understand this correctly, this is for use only with unprotected Li-Ion cells because it has the protection circuit for each of the three cells already on the board. Connecting 12.6V will charge each cell with

4.2V charging voltage to a full charge of 3.7V per cell.

But can the load that will be powered by the batteries (when AC power fails) remain connected?

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This doesn't claim to be a charge controller, it is simply a limiting switch, disconnecting the cells when over or undervoltage is present.

It also expects external over-current limiting on short cct, but will open above a stated discharge current value, and remain open until the load is removed, or current reverses.


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