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Hi All,

CommLinx Solutions is closing and for a while we've had a GPS Kit available
that was featured in the April 2001 edition of Silicon Chip:

We have enough of the main components, GPS modules and PCBs to make around
50-60 kits minus the antennae and a few small components (voltage regulator
is only > 50 cent component that comes to mind). Normally without the
antenna we would sell at $220 inc GST and have had a steady stream of
interest and they've generally been selling quite well at that price. We do
probably have about 10 antennas that are suitable in stock and the
additional units can either be sourced in Australia for around $60 or
overseas for around $20.

So in short with a fairly small effort for someone familiar with
electronics, a bit of GPS background and a way to promote them they would
net about $11,000 (at $220 per piece inc GST) for 50 kits. We'd include all
documentation, design files and write a letter to the PCB manufacturer so a
purchaser could get more boards made if required down the track.

For anyone interested in taking this up as a project we'd be prepared to
sell all the above items for $4,500 inc GST as a single lot which is around
the cost price of just the 60 GPS modules alone and I would see this as a
realistic way to make 100% profit over the next 12 months.

Anyone interested send an e-mail to peter 'at' Feel free to
make an offer but I'll accept either the best offer (within reason) made by
Monday or the first person to commit $4,500 to purchasing the complete lot.
I will be interestate until Friday so please accept my apologies for any
delays in responding over the next few days.


Peter Johnson, CommLinx Solutions /

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