Fuel pump problem.

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A young girl has a old Mazda ute which won't start. A friend has had a
look at it and reckons its not getting any fuel and reckons the fuel
pump isn't working. I had a quick look at the fuel tank and it has two
smallish objects on top of the tank at each end. I'm not sure what they
are, they each have two hoses connected to them. Additionally there
appears to be a solenoid near the tank.
Anyone know what all this stuff is and how it works?

Re: Fuel pump problem.

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Could they be termite nests ??

Cheers ............. Rheilly P

Re: Fuel pump problem.
hi, first of , take the air cleaner off , turn the engine over a few times,
and also make sure there is fuel in the tank. then  get someone to pump the
acclerator  ( while the engine is   NOT   cranking !!! )  while looking down
the carby, is fuel squirting  down the carby...??

 you sure its  got a  electric fuel pump ??? follow the  fuel line from the
carby  , and  see if it happens to go to  a mechanical  pump  mounted on teh
block or head...

if you know it definately has a electric fuel pump , then  you`ll hear a
buzzing sound  when the ignition is turned on , or you`ll hear a rapid
thuck,thuck,thuck,thuck if its a older facet type electric fuel pump.... and
if it aint  making any noise then fuel pump is shagged,  or power to it is
non existent.

mark k

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