JVC AV20cm3 clock display stuck

I don't have the original remote for this TV and the universal doesn't allow me to access the function menus. Originally, I was just trying to program the channels into the TV. I found that when I press the "function" and "volume down" buttons together, the screen shows the JVC Master Command and the Feature Demonstration menus. Then it automatically starts going through a demo by itself. Since it did this, the clock display is now always on in the lower right hand corner. Is there anything I can do to fix this withouth ordering a remote?

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You may want to go to

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and check up on the jvc remotes they have there. Moteva remotes are very good and much cheaper than the original remotes and will do all the funtions that a original remote does. Much better buy than any universal remote that I have seen on the market.

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The I (info) button turns the clock on/off, so you need a remote with that button on.

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