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I have been trying to get a cheap clamp meter that is capable of DC  
current but almost all add are untrue.No matter how I phrase the  
question they almost all say dc current but are not except for the very  

Re: ebay liars
On 9/05/2021 2:34 pm, F Murtz wrote:
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I reckon that in a lot of items the seller cannot understand English so  
they just get someone to text it for them, the main aim being to sell  
the item. Most don't seem to have any tech knowledge and cant answer any  
questions and come back with "Dear XXX can you send a photo" or similar  
sort of stuff.

Re: ebay liars
 F Murtz wrote:
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** Huh ?????

There are many clamp meters for around $50 ( Aussie sellers) that ARE DC.  


......   Phil  

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