DSE Antenna Losing Signal?

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I've got the L4069 DSE Antenna, which has been working perfectly fine for
about 6 months now .. Just yesterday, it appears the amp isnt working up to
100% capacity .. signal on my set top box has dropped to around ~68-70%, and
causing random glitching.. Tried re-angling it, but nothing helped. Left it
turned off for about 2-3 mins, then switched it back on, and it came up
good, mid-90%'s again.. Then after about 10 mins of use, it dropped again ..
I can tell its the amp in the antenna because i've tested the set top box on
another antenna (roof setup) and it works fine. Also, the amp has a
"control" knob which selects how much amplification is applied, Anything
below 45-50% amplification means no signal on the set top box, but when its
in this state of playing up, Turning it from 0 -> 50% is as per normal,
recpetion comes in around 50%, going to about 60% amplification brings it up
to signal of ~68-70%, and any further turning up of the amp achieves nothing
.. no changes at all .. Any ideas why this might have happened or any simple
fixes? If I can find the reciept, i'll return the antenna and get a new one,
but I wonder if perhaps theyr going to keep doing it every few months?
Anyone have any experience with this amplified antenna?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: DSE Antenna Losing Signal?

Sounds like a dry joint. Are you handy with a soldering iron? I'd resolder
anything that you can get to (after you open it up of course).

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Re: DSE Antenna Losing Signal?

Does it have a power pack that can be unplugged from the antenna? If so, it
would be interesting to see if the voltage remains constant over a period of
time with a multimeter.

I don't know what your electronics experience is, so I'll give you full
instructions on testing the power pack's voltage. If it's a normal plug pack
tip, the 'hole' will be positive (so stick the red probe in there) & the
outer sheath will be negative, so attach the black probe to that somehow
(alligator clip extension on the end of the probe would be good - otherwise
a rubber band or something). I'm guessing the power supply will be 9 or 12
volts DC, if so set the meter to DC 20V range. Turn the plug pack on & watch
it for a while.

If the voltage drops away (or possibly rises too much - although that's
unlikely), then your fix is easy -just replace the power pack with a like
unit. Otherwise, dry joints or failing component within the unit will be the

BTW, that model is on special at DSE for the next few days (just in case).


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Re: DSE Antenna Losing Signal?

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Re: DSE Antenna Losing Signal?

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I've had the little disc ceramics inside masthead amps go leaky: was
always the Dick Smith supplied ceramics in their kit mastheads

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