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I just installed an outside UHF antenna and my VHF/UHF one is in the roof. I installed the UHF one because I was getting poor signal on UHF channels. I am in Melbourne. I am using a diplexer on the UHF antenna mast. After installing it, the reception is worse on all channels. I have checked all the wiring several times. This is really frustrating because it's suppoed to be crystal on all channels.

What can I do?


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Matthew D
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"Matthew D"

** Call an antenna installer / expert to come and fix it.

Be prepared to get laughed at - however.

......... Phil

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Phil Allison

Try it with the outdoor antenna connected directly to the TV (ie. no diplexer) and confirm that you get good reception on UHF. You may even find you are in a good enough position to get VHF as well depending on your location. Once you confirm the UHF antenna works by itself, then insert the diplexer without the other antenna and make sure that works, then put the inside antenna onto the diplexer. Step by step.....



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Ken Taylor

Dump the diplexor , move it all out side from inside the tin roof and guess what , or leave as is checking each rx alone being sure it works then use a suitable load balancing splitter/joiner/phaser and you might stand a chance . After installing it,

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Return the new antenna and exchange for a digital set top box. Plug it in and away you go.


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Heywood Jablome

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