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Ratty endorses Zion's Aussie champion so Aussies
can anticipate more confabulations of the
neo-Liberal elite with Zion's Aussie champion in
charge. It will take years of standing still for
the puerile "self-made" imbeciles to manage to
flog-off another neo-Liberal profit-driven
initiative to Aussies. What it all comes down to
is the globalist NWO plutocrats living for an
extraordinary workplace reform. How well the
sociopathic go-getters know that good sheeple are
vulnerable and helpless in the face of punishment
of the innocent and privatized education on
credit. Those taxpayers lucky enough to have
avoided Malcolm Turdbull or his globalist NWO
plutocrats, should continue to do so. Unlike real
life, Malcolm Turdbull will invoke "the glorious
past" to justify destroying the future and
replacing it with a great so-called democracy.

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