British education: fraud?

So the universities are struggling for money -- globally?
But isn't "going to" school/work ... passee, as Tofler explained in his
'Third wave' in 1975 [was it]? ...continued bellow ...
RPi's: `apt-get update [& upgrade]` are frightening!
Like a brain-transplant. You lose complete control.
An outside agency takes control of your system.
How can this possibly be education, other than Soviet style?
So I thought I'd just first backup the SD to a USB-drive.
But since I'm recently able to go on-line via G3 and easily:
mc, gpm, wily....[it becomes a bad habit], I can't
see what device has got the USB-drive; nor per my previous notes.
`lsusb` sees it but `dmesg | grep sd` not; nor `fdisk -l`.
So I though that the newly install `gpm` could have hogged-the-device
that USB-drive previously had.
/proc//cmdline shows the device that gpm has 'got'; which is
not the excuse for the sudden problem to mount the USB-drive.
Conclusion: perhaps at the level of `scratch` and acurately copying
text to the-little-man-in-the-box, RPI is educational, but at the level
of independently configuring a system it's very opaque.
Automagic devices are not educational.
Isn't 'the open university' the leader in UK on-line education?
* USEnet: '' being dead is the first bad sign.
Let me try to paste a previously written crit, to this crappy NewsReader:
OU is closely associated with BBC.
must* continually present material, so it's inevitable
that they pad it with garbage, to generate 'material'.
In the old days a technical article would be spread over 6 issues
of a published magazine. So you'd get a page and half of valuable
contents, padded out with 25 pages of adverts.
That style has, by necessity been adopted by BBC and disgracefully
by OU.
Every OU web-page that you download has the SAME repeated 90%
garbage. It's faudulent.
Since I've criticised OU, as being like a trashy woman's magazine,
I must be able to show how it should/could be done better?
Well, obviously I googled: distance+education.
One of the first [which is an indication that google's ranking works
well] was :
formatting link

It's not yet obvious to me whether uidaho provides
or are just analysing distance education - like I'm trying to do now.
When downloading [and storing the text of] a dozen of their 'pages',
I found that only 10% was repeated [the TOC] instead of 90% like OU.
And here's a sample paragraph of uidaho.
Notice how dense-with-non-obvious facts it is, compared to OU's
repetative .
=======> Extract of:
formatting link

Administrators - Although administrators are typically influential
in planning an institution's distance education program, they often
lose contact or relinquish control to technical managers once the
program is operational. Effective distance education administrators
are more than idea people. They are consensus builders, decision
makers, and referees. They work closely with technical and support
service personnel, ensuring that technological resources are
effectively deployed to further the institution's academic mission.
Most importantly, they maintain an academic focus, realizing that
meeting the instructional needs of distant students is their
ultimate responsibility.
=======> Extract of:
formatting link

#[1]Finding information in Society
[2]Skip to content
[3]The Open University
+ Monday 15th April
o [180]12:15pm, BBC Radio 4, Thinking Allowed -
Thatcherism and thrift chic
+ Wednesday 17th April
o [181]4:00pm, Radio 4, Thinking Allowed - English
heritage and clergy lives
* You are here:
* [184]Society
[185]Finding information in Society
* 1.1.1 Assessing your current level ...
Finding information in Society
Free Course Featuring: Audio Activity
[186]Hide summary
This unit will help you to identify and use information in Society,
whether for your work, study or personal purposes. Experiment with
some of the key resources in this subject area, and learn about the
skills which will enable you to plan searches for information, so
you can find what you are looking for more easily. Discover the
meaning of information quality, and learn how to evaluate the
information you come across. You will also be introduced to the many
different ways of organising your own information, and learn how to
reference it properly in your work. Finally, discover how to keep up
to date with the latest developments in your area of interest by
using tools such as RSS and mailing lists.
By the end of this unit you should be able to:
conduct your own searches efficiently and effectively;
Try: Children and violence: An introductory,...
Children are subject to many forms of adversity, for example,
poverty or ill health....
* [201]More like this OLE
* [309]Radio
==> 317 links to garbage, for a paragraph of baby-talk!
Note that the OU material contains ONE paragraph of baby-talk,
after the 186 !! links, which have all been repeated in ALL the
other pages which you fetched, related to the topic.
And how they include the current Radio time table in material
ostensibly re. 'finding-information-society'.
And why introduce "Children and violence"?
PS. my paste is from a text-only-browser.
Your fully-featured-browser fools you with pikchas and flapping
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Dzieki, Unknown, za post o tresci:
Please go trolling someplace else. Thank you.
Tomasz Torcz       ,,(...) today's high-end is tomorrow's embedded processor.'' 
xmpp:                      -- Mitchell Blank on LKML
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Tomasz Torcz
So you don't have to expend a lot of time building and installing applications, but can go right ahead and use them.
But by all means, if you would rather have *complete*control*, try
formatting link
It should work for the pi, after a month or so of downloads and package builds.
I have decided to trust the ubuntu/debian/raspberrypi builds; they _ARE_ reasonably transparent in the process.
-- mrr
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Morten Reistad
I'd *plonk* - but it's like watching some kind of bizare car crash.
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