CCC weighs into NBN uptake debate

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CCC weighs into NBN uptake debate

Dry cleaners didn't put washing machines out of business.

The Competitive Carriers Coalition has derided suggestions that Telstra's LTE
upgrade will have any impact on the uptake
of NBN fibre services.

The fear of wireless substitution was raised by corporate advisory firm
Greenhill Caliburn after assessing assumptions
in NBN Co's business plan.

Telstra's decision this week to upgrade parts of its network with
next-generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies
by the end of the year further raised concerns that the high-speed wireless
service would be pitched as a fixed-line
equivalent service to lure customers ahead of NBN availability.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy added to fears the that fixed and
wireless networks might not be so complementary
by attempting to promote the benefits of fibre over wireless.,ccc-weighs-into-nbn-uptake-debate.aspx#comments

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Re: CCC weighs into NBN uptake debate

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CCC never heard of them, should it not be CCCP, oh wait that is now gone the
way of the dodo. Crappy Coalition of C***s?????

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