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I need a bit of advice on what career path I should follow. I have recently finished universtiy and am quite good a DSP, C, C++, Java and C#.

At this point I relise I cannot persue all these paths and would would like advice from current engineers on what would be the best most rewarding career to follow (and one that has a future)?

Look foward to your advice

Cheers Tuurbo

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Software engineering is software engineering, it's all the same. The career path depends more on the individual projects you work on rather than the actual language. Although DSP and C can be more hardware level than the others.

Java, C# and C++ probably has better prospects from a software engineering point of view, leave the DSP and C stuff to the real hardware engineers ;-)

Dave :)

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David L. Jones

It's not really the programming language that decides this but what you want to program! Most application development is done in C#, VB.NET and Java. Games and more hardcore programs in C++. Embedded systems usually C, sometimes C++.

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Ross Marchant

To true, but even C++ is becoming specialised and is more likeley to be found in embedded apps these days.

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The Real Andy

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