From a researcher: what is the job market for compiler-writters?


As only doing research in academic (working on IR), I have no idea of what is going on in industry, and what is in demand. Answering any of the following questions would be very helpful!!

1>I wonder what is the job market for compiler writters? - from
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I see only Embedded/media processor is creating job openings..? - how competitive it is to get such a job? - what is the sort of skills in compiler is in demand? - Code generation, code optimization?

2> Compiler writters, are you feel happy with what you are doing? What is looks like to persue a career in compiler?

3>What is the future job propective for Embedded processor's compiler? Will all the compiler jobs be out-sourced to india and china, like other embedded programming jobs?

4> It seems that lots of job ads require GCC for embedded processors, I wonder ,In the market, what is the percentage of embedded compiler is implemented in GCC? If I started to learn GCC's code generation, would I be able to find a job?



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comp.compilers is a better place to ask questions about writing compilers.

Ben Pfaff 
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Ben Pfaff

As lots of Embedded compiler was implemented in GNU compiler collection, gdb, etc..

Maybe the GNU and embedded experts have a better idea? ....

Any pointer is highly appreciated!

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Like Ben Pfaff said, comp.lang.c and comp.lang.c++ have nothing to do with compilers. Please check a more appropriate group such as the one he suggested (comp.compilers).

- Pete

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  1. Ask your instructors/professors for leads.
  2. Each chip developer has one lead compiler writer and some staff or they job out the work.
  3. They need competitive optimization and reliable code.
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Rick Merrill

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