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G'Day, I am new here but am in need of help and this looked like just
the place to get it - I hope ;<}

I have an Amtel (French) CCD camera and a DATA Translation DT3157
frame grabber PCI board. The problem I have is that I can not get a
ready made cable to connect them. Atmel says talk to DT and DT says we
can not tell you what pin connects to what pin BUT they can make me
one for about $900.

I have the manuals and pin out lists for both the camera and the card
but with my VERY limited knowledge of these things have only managed
to work out a few of the more obvious connections like data, ground
and power.

What I need is someone to be able to work out a pin x to pin x type
list so I can then make up the cable.

Any help would earn my unending gratitude as I have been trying for
months to get this information.

Cheers - Tony Evans

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