Using a pager as a circuit breaker

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I am trying to find information on how to configure a beeper (pager)
to act as a power reset device for a remote radio antenna.  When the
antenna loses its signal the power must be reset which effectively re-
boots the device.  If I can use a beeper to reset the power, I don't
have to drive up to the antenna and reset it manually.  Does anyone
know where I can get information on this subject?
Thanks in advance--Keith

Re: Using a pager as a circuit breaker

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I wrote a program, and designed some hardware about 10 years ago to do
basically what you want:

However as it was so long ago, I can't offer any support, so take it as

I don't know if the same commands will work today on modern pagers, or
if the principle is valid, but at least it will give you one idea to get


Don McKenzie

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