Antenna rotator

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I am wondering if anyone has managed to convert/use a standard antenna
rotator for tracking purposes? I know that very expensive antenna rotators
are available for this use but hey there is no fun or challenge in that!

Want to use it to automate tracking the sun - have two solar panels mounted
on one, currently using manual control.

If you want to see what I am talking about here is a link to the picture (
bottom one) of what I am using.

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Chances are I have one that you don't.
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Re: Antenna rotator

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If I was doing it I would mount the panels on a pivot that rotates with
the suns axis, then you only have to tilt the panels on a simple pivot.
To control the drive motor you have two light sensors separated by a
simple vertical shade. If more light falls on one sensor than the other
the panel is moved until the light on both sensors is the same.

Astronomers call this type of mount an equatorial mount.


Re: Antenna rotator

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Check out for a few circuits, I imagine that
you should be able to hack the motor connections to suit.

Cheers .......... Rheilly P

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