12V Compat Fluro driver

I've seen these camp lights that run off 12V and contain a compact fluro light bulb. The bulb itself is replaceble and the driver appears to be part of the lamp. I'm interested in buying the bulb and the driver cicuit, does anyone know where I can get such a beast? (Assuming it's not a custom Coleman thing).

Thanks plenty in advance, Michael

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Michael C
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Silicon chip mag has done a few variations on that theme

Jaycar has 12v CFLs but not cheap.

Bye. Jasen

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Jasen Betts

You might try this liink...

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Why replaceable ? That just makes it more expensive.

Just get a 12V CFL. Plenty on ebay I'm sure.


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Thanks everyone for all the tips, I might just get the 12V CFL off ebay, they're only $10 but the postage is over $30 so it's a little expensive for

1 or 2 bulbs. The only downside I can see is someone might accidentally plug it into a 240v socket. It's quite suprising it uses the same plug, if a 12V device used a standard 2 or 3 pin powerpoint plug then I'm sure there'd be outrage.

I had a look at the coleman lamp and it looks like it's a custom circuit of their own design, something which I'm not likely to bother with for a 1 off. :-)

Thanks, Michael

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Michael C

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