SD card pops out

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Is it advisable to put duct tape over the SD slot to keep it from popping out

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Re: SD card pops out
On 04/03/2017 20:42, wrote:
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Just 1 SD , or all of them?

Re: SD card pops out
On Sat, 4 Mar 2017, wrote:

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No, not SD cards.

But the first time I got a microSD card (actually it was some variant,  
loaded with MP3 songs for my Sansa Fuze), I put it in, but didn't push it  
in enough, and it popped out, flying across the room.  I did find it, and  
without too much effort. But now I know to be careful when handling a  
microSD card.

But other than when putting that in, I've never had problems with SD or  
microSD cards.  They seem to stay in with no problem unless you bump them.

Note that many things like cameras have covers over the card slot, so no  
need for tape anyway.


Re: SD card pops out
spray cards n slot with CRC electronics clear from Walmart n hardware

the card is not engaging ...also prob your insertion is not straight forward ie tilt runs up n over engage mechanism.

my Marantz pmd has a door problem. twisted 3M electrical tap  into loop forced over case holds door shut after slipping a quarter between door n tape loop.


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