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I have a boiler system that uses a FAT16 formatted SD card for logging runtime parameters. I'd like to monitor the system online. Data is written to the card every 5th second. I have three different aproaches:

  1. Use a SD Card, a SD Card reader, a latch and a timer. The timer switches the SD card from the boiler SD card slot to a USB card reader for 20 seconds every 5 minutes.

  1. Is there a USB cable with a SD Card PCB in the other end that could be used to interface the SD card slot on the boiler? The computer could then "emulate" a SD card.

  2. Is there any data logging tool that could log the SPI traffic to the card?

If you have any input please let me know!

Regards, Torgil

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SanDisk (and at least one other vendor) has an SD card with a USB port on the back. I have no idea if both interfaces can be active at once (the way the SanDisk card is built there is a mechanical guard over the USB port when you set it to plug into most SD ports), and even of they are there will likely be some concurrency issues to deal with. But probably worth at least a glance.

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