Hi. Iam starting to work with SD card. but I have some questions.

I am reading sandisk SD manual ;tell me if it is enough to communicat data with SD card and if not direct me to the necessary documentations an what else you think can help me.

thank you in advance.

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i think you maybe has to read some MMC dokumentation cause the basic in the SD is MMC and proberly some of the facts of theSD card is not public due to the security, atleast i think i has been this way...

you could take a look on cone for avr on


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The March 2005 issue of Circuit Cellar has an article about implementing a FAT library into an SD card using a MSP430 controller from TI. Sourcecode is available on their website at

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The FAT implementation in that source code looks clean and easily ported to other processors. The only thing that seems to be missing is a way to delete files. I'll have to check the article in Circuit Cellar to see if I've missed something. I particularly liked that the authors avoided the need for full sector buffers--which is important on processors with limited RAM.

Mark Borgerson

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Mark Borgerson

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