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    Has anyone here taken VHDL training classes from Xilinx?

Are they any good?/worth the money?

Any review/feedback on those classes would be appreciated


Re: Xilinx training

Most classes are given through distributers (Avnet, Insight etc) and are
introductory level. You learn basic language constructs, how to create a
project and compile, debug simple errors. The emphasis being on around the
product being hawked. Oh yea, you get the business card of the teacher and
FAE for any questions. I never saw many engineers get a whole hell of a lot
from this in and of itself.

I did take these courses, after I had learned the subject - my "boss" wanted
everyone in our group to take them. I learned more from books and working
with others in my group. There are lots of good books and resources on the

[Some] University courses are good as well. They tend to concentrate on the
language set - many courses offer an EDA appendix' to the course as well -
unfortuantely most schools can't afford the Mentor or Synopsis platforms.
Check this out.

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Re: Xilinx training

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  -- Mike Treseler

Re: Xilinx training
A search in Google for "VHDL training" brings up ourselves plus most of our
rivals. I'll leave it to the rest of the group to comment on each of us and
our various merits...

What you go for depends on your current language skills, project experience
and what you want to achieve through the course. If you're not sure, and
your employers don't have a standard training supplier, I'd suggest phoning
a few of the companies and discussing your requirements with one of their


Ian Poole, Consultant and Trainer

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Re: Xilinx training

Excellent advice.


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