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I am a junior FGPA designer and am planning on attending some training to improve my design skills and FPGA knowledge. Can someone tell me if the courses offered by Xilinx are good courses? I am looking into the FPGA design flow (not VHDL classes) with courses like fundamental of FPGA design, designing for performance etc etc...

Can anyone suggest other(better?) training classes for xilinx FPGA design

Thanks a lot...

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The FPGA design flow begins with design entry and simulation. That's your bread and butter. Consider developing expertise on the front end first.

You need HDL expertise for simulation even if you use schematics for design entry.

Class quality is most sensitive to the particular instructor. Find out who it is and check references.

-- Mike Treseler

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Mike Treseler

I attended both Fundamentals of FPGA Design and Designing for Performance. In my opinion, they are not that usefull. The classes are mostly focused on how to use the software, clicking here and there and see how it changes. There is no in depth tutorial on Xilinx FPGA architecture. I think they posted some of their course material on Xilinx ftp site. Look for "Fundamentals of FPGA Design", "Designing for Performance", and "Advanced FPGA Implementation" keywords. Just look over it and make decision on your own whether or not you really need to take the course. Note that I am not trying to discredit Xilinx or anything. I think Xilinx is a wonderfull company, their software is much better than Altera, the help menu is very good, and their website is very well organized. I am just dissapointed that I don't get the thing that I expected out of the class. I expected to learn Xilinx Hardware FPGA Architecture, but instead I have just been taught on how to use the software tool.


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Hendra Gunawan

I can't comment on those courses, but I know we all got a lot out of the "DSP implementation techniques" course both about logic-architecture (not much about routing resources) and about doing DSP in FPGAs. Not a PC in sight - lots of paper exercises to amek you think!

Cheers, Martin

TRW Conekt, Solihull, UK
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