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1. When creating a core in EDK 7.1 when it creates the dirver file
there is a core_selftest.c file at it includes a reference to a "
extern Xuint LocalBRAM " where is that LocalBRAM suppose to be defined
since the file doesn't compile like that.

2. What is the EDK simulation path for the BFM file?

3. What is the ISE simulation path?


Re: EDK and ISE questions
1) Never run across that before.
When I grep for LocalBRAM in $XILINX_EDK, it only appears in
/rtf/bin/nt/createip.exe and /rtf/bin/nt/libMdtWiz_CreateIpGui.dll
What core were you creating that used this variable?

2) I typically use full system simulation when testing custom
peripherals since using the IPIF pretty much enforces CoreConnect
compliance.  However, Xilinx has a whole doc dealing with BFM sims:

3) The Compile button under "Options"-->"Project Options"-->"HDL and
Simulation" is quite handy to correctly compile and setup the simulation

If you are going to simulate the PowerPC, be sure to setup SWIFT
following Xilinx solution record 14019:


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