ATLV256 for Spartan 2

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Thanks to the forum for satisfactory replies to my previous queries. I
have one other query regarding FPGA configuration. I am planning to
use Atmel's ATLV256 EPROM to configure my spartan 2 XC2s150[Its in DIP
package so easy to program from my universal programmer]. The
RESET/OE(bar) pin of ATLV256 can be programmed to RESET(bar)/OE[i.e.
active LO RESET which the spartan 2 requires]. My question is that
does the ISE5.1 support this feature to program ATLV256's pin? If not
then whats the work around?


Re: ATLV256 for Spartan 2
shabana (rider) wrote in message
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you can use ise/impact to generate bitstreams and prom files,
but no 3rd party config devices are directly supported.
you need to use Atmel CPS software to program the ATLV


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