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I simply want to send a note to this group, thanking those who chose to "chime in" when I was going through my problems related to my scooter and the batteries. "One does not know what he or she has until it's lost," and I have always realized that this is true. Not being able to get around like I once did, when I wore the shoes of a younger man, has given me an insight to how it is to live at the dependency of others or specific situations.

After initially sending my thoughts and questions about the acid-free batteries to this group, I was lead through a maze that brought me through and into many different areas on the Internet. In doing so, I learned a great deal about batteries -- and I realized just how ignorant I was (and still am) about batteries -- there is just too much to know.

In any event, thanks to those who helped!

Mark -- in Florida, where we are hoping that the Tropics remains quiet!

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You should look up Michael A. Terrell - he's in Florida, and has mobility limitations - he might know some other options.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Rich et al:

You are quite right; if Mike Terrell (I am familiar with that name -- I talked with him before) is on this newsgroup, and he gets this message, please have him e-mail me privately.

Also -- recently I posted a message about my scooter batteries and mentioned that it usually takes "one (1) hour to re-charge my batteries; but I was wrong. It took at least three (3) hours to charge them.

In any event, Mike -- if you are "listenining," e-mail me:



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