USB OTG high speed

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I see where Atmel has announced a USB OTG full speed controller chip.
It looks interesting.  But I would prefer a high speed device.  Anyone
know of such a chip?  Or I can use a core if it is not too large.  So
far I have not found anything that will implement OTG and high speed.  


Rick "rickman" Collins
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Re: USB OTG high speed
You might want to look at the ISP1761 at Philips. They have a page up
for it, but I am not sure if it is available. /

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Re: USB OTG high speed
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Hi Rick,

the philips HS chips is not available at least for normal mortals. It realy
looks like real nice part but I guess only available in some very small BGS
like package :(

there are a few HS OTG PHY chips available, (at least 3 known to us) and
some companies have also working IP Cores (OTG HS).
they have a OTG eval board for demonstration of the OTG IP Core that
supports OTG PHY solutions from 5 different manufacturers.


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