Skip 20F001N in RTL8019AS

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Could anyone tell me whether I could skip the 20F001N and directly
connect the RX+/- and TX+/- to the RJ45 and RTL8019AS directly?


Re: Skip 20F001N in RTL8019AS
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Um, no... I seriously doubt this would work.  There are several
inductors and a transformer in the block for filtering and isolation.
And depending on the controller, the transformer windings are also not

Why not just get an RJ45 jack with internal magnetics?  They're only
slightly larger than a standard RJ-45 jack, and not expensive at all.
Then only a few resistors and caps are needed on the signals between the
RTL8019AS and the RJ-45.

Bothhand and Delta are very popular, but there are many companies in
this space.  Here are a few: / / / /

Digi-Key sells Tyco and 1-2 others, though they're cleverly hidden
amongst the other RJ-45 jacks and critical specs are missing (i.e., read
the manufacturer specs before looking on Digi-Key for pricing).

See also for proto boards and loose parts.  Ask if
you don't see the part listed - Ed's pretty good about selling loose

Re: Skip 20F001N in RTL8019AS
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Quoted text here. Click to load it

I have tried connecting it directly to PC and XP could detects the
existence and shows the connecion icon on the tray. But I am not sure
whether this represents the data sent/received is ok. But anyway, your
information is very helpful. Thank you very much.

Re: Skip 20F001N in RTL8019AS
OK, now I use a T-filter which is from an old broad. The data can be
received now. So I confirm that direct connection is not ok.

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