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i am using a multi-ice sever with axd debugger
i need to write a c program to handle semihosting read character
command but i have difficulties reading in the character.
there is some problem preventing me from stepping over the readc
below is my c code which is not working
can anyone help to guide me along

#ifdef __thumb
/* Define Thumb Semihosting SWI */
#define SemiSWI 0xAB
/* Define ARM Semihosting SWI */
#define SemiSWI 0x123456
__swi(SemiSWI) void _ReadC(unsigned op);

char ReadC()
        char r0_value;
                ldr r1,[r0_value]
                strb r0,[r1]

        return r0_value;

after _ReadC(0x7) is run the debugger is supposed to load the character
entered in the debug channel into register r0. I need to store the
content of r0 into the variable r0_value.

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