SDRAM use in XSCALE platform

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Hi all,

We are developing a target device based in the Intel's DBPXA255. We
want to minimize the target device size, so I would like to know some
things about SDRAM in XScale's working environment:
- Can we use a mobile SDRAM with XSCale???
- Can we use the LVCMOS interface with it???
- If we use LVCMOS, there is any hardware change that we should
consider from using the LVTTL interface???

I would thank you any advice about this subject.

Thanks in advance,


Re: SDRAM use in XSCALE platform

We need to know about a SDRAM that functions with 3.3 Volts and is
compatible with XScale for a configuration of 128 MBytes.

Does anyone know what type of SDRAM could we use?? Any experience on
this matter??

Thanks in advance,

Lur (lur) wrote in message
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Re: SDRAM use in XSCALE platform
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I would suggest you think about putting a standard SODIMM socket in
your appliance if possible. Supply of SDRAM fluctuates (both cost and
availability) because it's obsolete (from a desktop PC perspective) :(
If you use a standard SODIMM socket you can largely insulate yourself
from that phenomenon.

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