power fail interrupt on NIOS2 and LPC2106

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I am busy with a design of an embedded system with Altera Cyclones with NIOS
2 and a LPC2106 ARM cpu.
Have implemented RTC with battery backup, nonvolatile 32kB sram (simtek), a
LTC2901 reset controller and a double window watchdog timer in a ATtiny11.
I also want to implement a power failure interrupt to the NIOS 2 cpu and the
LPC2106 arm.
1-which interrupt should i use on the NIOS2 and the LPC for power
faillure??, i cannot find the equivalent of the NMI interrupt as on the old
2-How can i prevent garbling up the data during writes to the nonvolatile
sram when a power faillure hits??


Ron Proveniers

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