PCA9535 GPIO Chip (or similar Philips part) questioons

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I'm going thru the Philips specs and part of the description
is unclear.  Hope someone with experience can help.

The documentation says "...After sending data to one
register, the next data byte will be sent to the other
register in the pair..."  The example is data is sent
register 3, then the next byte gets stored in register 2.
No limit on the number of data bytes sent.

Specific q's are:
1. What happens if I send data to register 2 - will the next
byte be stored in register 3 (the reverse of the example
from Philips)?  If not, where will it be stored?  Is there
some automatic means so that the the order of the data
doesn't matter - the next byte will always be in the other
register for the pair?
2. What happens if I send three bytes of data?  Four bytes
of data?  If the command is for Input Port 1, then three
bytes of data are sent, who gets bytes 2 and three?
3. Any Pseudo code that illustrates chip communication
better than the documentation?

I would ask Philips, but there doesn't seem to be any links
to technical questions, and I don't want to discuss this
with sales ("Ah, how big is your company and how many
thousands per month will you use...?").


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