MicroC/OS-II for Renesas H8/300L

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I am trying to use MicroC/OS-II on an H8/300L of Renesas. The port was
written by Mr. Labrosse himself and he used the Renesas development
tool HEW 2.0.
I didn't find this tool on the website of Renesas and they didn't
answer my calls up to now. Then I found the website
www.kpitgnutools.com, where you can download the HEW and toolchains
for it. But I only can find the HEW 2.2 without any toolchain and the
HEW 3.0 with toolchain there.
The project files of Mr. Labrosse are not compatible with the HEW 3.0.
So I tried to rebuild the project on my own. I added all needed files
and tried to compile it, but some commands are not known by the
compiler/assembler. Maybe Mr. Labrosse used another compiler or it is
because it's a newer one. Does somebody know where I can get this
compiler from?
Or does somebody know how I can translate for example the assembler
command ".SECTION P,Code,Align=2" into an assembler command which is
known by the kpit toolchain?
I would be very glad about your help.


Re: MicroC/OS-II for Renesas H8/300L

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HEW is basically an IDE that can use several toolchains. The versions
from KPIT come with the GNU toolchain, but Renesas also have their own,
see <http://tinyurl.com/4hgml

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IIRC you can download the compiler and assembler manuals from Renesas'
website. With them, converting to GNU should be pretty easy (I've done
this myself for some SH sources).


Re: MicroC/OS-II for Renesas H8/300L
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Jean Labrosse runs a newsgroup for Microc/OS-II on Yahoo.  You will find it
on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MicriumNewsGroup /

If you subscribe to that group on Yahoo, you can ask him the question

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