µC/OS-II RTOS on Windows

Hi, I would like to know if there is some method to have my =B5C/OS-II RTOS on Windows.

Kindly tell me some tricks/ links.

Is there any Simulator for =B5C/OS-II RTOS on Windows ?

Thx in advance,=20 karthik bala guru

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I believe there is a tool that can be used for exactly this which can be obtained from Micrium. It has some sort of simulation/emulation layer to catch the context switches. I have been told about this but never actually used it.

Other than that, it depends on which port of uC/OS-II are you wanting to run:

  • If an x86 port then you can probably execute it in a command prompt and have the ability to step through the code, but of coarse you will not get the real time behaviour or response as it is executed as and when windows wants. With FreeRTOS.org I do this using the Open Watcom tools.
  • If you are wanting to run a different (non x86) port then it is down to the simulator that comes with your tools. I have had success running ports (not uC/OS-II) for several different architectures under windows simulators, but many simulators will only simulate the core processor and not peripherals which can make it less than worth while.

Regards, Richard.

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