initializing controller ks0713

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Hoi guys,
i need help, i've tryed to inialize my LCD controler  samsung ks0713 using
its datasheet. unfortunately i had no succes.
 if some one has already experiance with this controller of others of its
familly (ks07XXX) please tell me how to initialize it and get it ready to
display data. if possible in assemby language.

and thnkx  

Re: initializing controller ks0713
On Sunday, in article

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If you are using a graphical LCD I am wondering why you are using aseembler?

First bit of google search on 'ks0713' provided a C library and
PC simulator/demo at


Unfortunately it is about $500. From the briefest of looks at the datasheet
there is description of initialistaion, but a lot depends on your host
intereface type and LCD type as to what would be required. I think you need to
make sure you know what the configuration should be for the LCD in question

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