IDE to Compact Flash Card?

I would like to use an older computer for projects that involve serial/parallel communications between a uP and computer. I have an old 386DX40 that I've got working, except for the hard drive. I want to go bare bones, using DOS and Qbasic, with assembly language calls if required. Looking at the BIOS setup for the HD, it looks like it might be limited to something like 128 MB. Hard to find a drive that small anymore. Then I thought about maybe using a CF card. Does anybody know if there are kits available for hooking up a CF card to a MB IDE connector so the computer thinks theres a HD on the other end?? I'll need the whole 9 yards-cable,card socket,card,software drivers, etc.

Hope I posted this to the appropriate group. This was the closest one I could find. Thanks.


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No drivers are required.

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$8 without CF. $10 with 4M. etc.

Just a 40 pins IDE cable and 4 pins floppy power line. We can preload open-dos for you.

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