FA: Nohau 80251 Emulator, Tektronix digital scope, other lab equipment

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Thought I'd drop a quick note in case anyone here might be interested in
some lab equipment I'm auctioning off on eBay. So far what I have listed is:

Nohau EMUL251-PC in-circuit emulator that supports the Intel 80251 family of
This orginally cost me over $5,000, but I've started it at one cent and will
take whatever it brings.

Tektronix TDS-210 Digital Oscilloscope

I'll also be listing a high voltage probe, DC power supply and PCMCIA
extender card shortly among other things.

I used to be an embedded engineering consultant but hung up my hat a couple
years back. Hope someone can use this stuff.

Kind regards,

no_wcn2k_ snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com

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