Disk on Chip in Std ISA Network Card - Solution

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This has been asked a few times before, once by me, and also by

I installed my DOC in an old WD800 network card, with a 28 pin socket.
I hard set the boot rom to appear at d800 using the link.

I then fitted a 32pin socket to the 28 pin, with the top edges
overhanging. To pin 32 of the socket I connected this to +5v, and pin
31 I connected to ISA pin B11, !MemWr. I then installed my 32pin doc
in the stacked sockets.

My 48Mb DOC now works in the network card.

It should work for most ISA network cards as long as you can enable
the Boot Rom (either hardware or software config) and solder the

Ideal for flashing docs or making a quiet mp3player etc.

Cheers, Vincent

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