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GPS tracking application

July 24, 2014, 11:58 am

I need to log GPS coordinates (time and position) every x seconds. I have a GPS receiver connected through RS232. Together I have to log measures from sensors connected to another RS232 port (pro... Read more »

SGML/XML tools for arbitrary access to entities within document?

July 18, 2014, 6:43 pm

Hi, I am driving much of my software from data excised from formal documents that describe the algorithms involved in much more detail (and modalities) than is possible with (textual) source code... Read more »

CFP: EECEA2014 Malaysia

July 15, 2014, 6:16 am

The International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering and their Applications (EECEA2014) Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia h... Read more »

Favorite VM for development?

July 12, 2014, 2:20 pm

So here I am, trying to (again) help (another) customer whose previous cons ultant didn't leave complete sources and tools, and who cannot reproduce th eir production firmware. Aarrgggg... In past... Read more »

trying to understand JTAG

July 6, 2014, 5:18 pm

Hi all, After having played around with a MSP430 on a TI launchpad, I got intereste d in onchip debugging. (the TI-launchpad has a spy-by wire interface which works quite nicely) In the mean tim... Read more »

TSOP56 to DIL48 adapter question

July 2, 2014, 10:41 am

Hi from Italy, i'm in need to program a JS28F640J3D75 flash memory with this programmer http://www.geeetech.com/smartpro-x5-universal-programmer-usb20-p-297.html Thinking too easily that adapters ... Read more »

FT2232H synchronuous FIFO mode problem.

July 1, 2014, 5:35 am

Hello, I have a custom PCB with FT2232H and FPGA on board. Writing from PC to FPGA via FT2232H in FT245 synchronuous FIFO mode workd perfect. However, I've g ot some problems with reading from FP... Read more »

Gui application for embedded system

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June 26, 2014, 4:18 pm

I am asking this here since you have probably met the problem. I have developped an embedded system that has a serial link (RS232) as user interface. So far we used a terminal to communicate but I... Read more »

Finding root cause of performance loss

June 25, 2014, 10:01 am

[ NB: cross-posted to comp.arch.embedded and comp.arch ] Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a typical set-top box project (digital TV). The system can be considered an heterogeneous computin... Read more »

Simple Manufacturing Tracking Software Recommendation

June 24, 2014, 11:22 am

Hi Everyone It occurred to me that members of this group might being using a simple tracking system for electronics board manufacturing. At the moment, we are using a simple excel spreadsheet to... Read more »

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ARM SBC in arduino form factor?

For a couple of one of a kind projects, I would like to use an ARM controller in a board that could accept (at least some of the) Arduino shields. So far I found the Xduino (status dubious) and the C... Read more »


a hobby class on microcontrollers

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I need to think about a class that will include both young and old, all of whom have very little experience but at least the hope of trying to enjoy such a class on microcontrollers without knowing a... Read more »


Zynq devices, boards and suppliers

  [ 2 ]

I'd like to pick people's brains about aspects of different *suppliers* of Zynq boards. Avnet and Digilent are front-runners, but any info/opinions about other suppliers would be helpful too. ... Read more »


On Home Projects as a Reentry into the Job Market

  [ 2 3 ]

I do not -- thank God -- have to reenter the job market. But I've seen a lot of posts recently that start something like: I haven't worked in engineering since 20xx, and I'm (starting)/ (look... Read more »


Analyzer of Quality Electrical Energy, with RTOS ( ARM , Driver ADC, lwip ,...

Analyzer of Quality Electrical Energy This desing and develop is constructed whit RTOS (eCos), consists of a ADC of 16NBits with two channels one to capture Current and another one of Voltege, capt... Read more »


[ANN] AVRcam v1.1 real-time image processing engine

The AVRcam version 1.1 is a small, low-cost image-processing engine intended to bring a truly affordable and extensible vision platform to a multitude of developers. The AVRcam provides the followin... Read more »


[ANN] LOOPGEN-Fast hardware looping VHDL IPs

The LOOPGEN IP collection provides fast hardware architectures for implementing nested loop structures. The collection comprises of three different architectures (variants), namely: - HWLU, a mix... Read more »


Cheap small LCD Display

Hi For a new design I am looking for cheap LCD modules: 64x64 dots (or more) 16mm x 20mm outline SPI, I2C, parallel, I don't care Backlight The source must be stable, so we don't run into obsolescenc... Read more »


[ANN] XMODZ-Fast modulo reduction VHDL IPs

The XMODZ IP collection provides fast hardware implementations for the modulo computation on integers. The collection comprises of two distinct IP modules, modk for modulo by a fixed integer consta... Read more »



Dear NG, can anywho give me more information details for my display: MDLS40466D-LV-LED04 Is this display with extended temp range? This mean, i need negative voltage at Vo? I find the PDF on the Var... Read more »