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I had occasion to visit the new Coffs Harbour Jaycar store, it is a nice
shop well stocked and laid out probably comparable to the Gore Hill
store. All I wanted was a 9 pin "D" connector and a MAX232. The
connector was no problem, I just rocked up to the bin, but all the
semiconductors were in bins behind the counter. A polite middle aged
male "Assistant" came up and asked if he could help me. "Yes, I'd like a
MAX232 please" I said. I knew straight away that this was a problem from
the blank look in his eyes, "A MAX232?" he said, "Yes" I replied, "A
MAX232 integrated circuit please". By this time the other 3 middle aged
well dressed "Assistants" had backed way to the other end of the counter
and were trying to look busy. My "Assistant" started leafing through the
catalog without much success, so I grabbed another copy, and, even
without my reading glasses, found the item in about 30 seconds and
showed it to him. "Oh you want a ZK8824" he said as if I should have
asked for that in the first place "And whats this other thing you have

I suppose that if I had wanted a farting ashtray there would have been
no problem.

As I left the store, I looked back at the "Assistants" who had gathered
behind the counter all looking the same, middle aged, slightly
overweight, and wearing the same clobber, dark suit trousers, white
shirt and a dark tie, and realised what they reminded me of - used car
salesmen. Then the penny dropped, a big caravan sales yard at the other
end of town closed recently, I'll bet that they have just recycled a
bunch of caravan salesmen.

Re: Service?

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Currently I'm in the UK trying to order a kit from Jaycar, they won't tell
me how much because "the exchange rate keeps fluctuating". Finally they told
me how much the kit is in AU$, which I entered into an online currency
calculator and found that it comes to nearly twice the price given in their
advert in EPE (although that looked too good to be true anyway!). Now I'm
trying to get them to tell me how much P&P will come to.

Re: Service?
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postage seems to go off the sale price:

(cut&paster from website)
 POSTAGE UK PRICE (2-4 Weeks) - UK
 Up to £49.99 = £5.00
 £50.00 - £100.99 = £10.00
 £101.00 - £200.99 = £20.00
 £201.00 - £500.99 = £30.00
 £501.00+ = £40.00

order on-line it'll tell you all that stuff.
start at and click the "GBP" link

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