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I am new to embedded systems. I have an application to develop. In that i need to maintain a data storage, uneffected by power loss. So it means i need to use an external storage device with my Microcontroller? I am using Atmel-89C52. I have a few queries:

1)What should be my choice for data storage device...i think EEPROM? 2)If yes, then the Atmel AT24CXX or Xicor X4283 etc could be possible choices? These are serial EEPROMs with 2/3 wire interfaces. 4)If these are not good choices, can anyone suggest some other devices that can be integrated with 89C52 and can hold upto 64K bits data?

4)I also need to keep the time record in my application. So i need a Real time clock IC? what would be my best choice in terms of best integration with 89C52 via minimum interface wires?

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Hi I suggest using i2c interface. Two wires and a great choice of ICs from several vendors: EEPROM, RTC, I/O. You can add chips later if needed - just with the two wires. Regards - Henry

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Ulf Samuelsson

non-volatile memory device DS1235) come to mind. come to think of it a DS2252t would suit you just fine. DS2252T=8251+64k program+64k non-volatile ram+non-volatile rtc rw

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Rein Wiehler

Hi, Have a look at RAMTRON

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products. These chips have the same characteristics and pinout as standard EEPROM (I2Cor SPI), but have a very long life. Yvan

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